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A wide range of low carb, no sugar, and health products to help, wherever you are on your health journey.

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Create your Sugar Free Happiness!

My Sugar Free grew quickly and expanded to cover a wider range of low/no sugar and health products…

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About Us

My Sugar Free was created in 2018 when the owner – a self confessed treat lover – was found to have high blood sugar and cholesterol and finding the foods she loved with less or no sugar was not easy.

In a short space of time more options became readily available so My Sugar Free grew quickly and expanded to cover a wider range of low/no sugar and health products to meet the needs and requests of our customers.

My Sugar Free is your ‘one-stop-shop’!  Whether you are diabetic, trying to lose weight, on a keto or other diet, a fitness lover, or just trying to cut your sugar intake for general health reasons, needing a gift for all of the above – you’ve arrived at the right place!

Boxes of the month

  • Weight Loss Boxes
    Kick-start your weight loss journey with one of our Weight Loss boxes. These contain a carefully selected range of delicious but low sugar, low GI treats and food products to help you on this chosen path.
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  • Fitness Boxes
    Give yourself, a friend or family member the perfect box of replacement treats for busy work-out lovers on the go! Sample from a range of bars, chocolate, supplements, drinks etc that meet the low sugar, nutrient needs of a fitness devotee! Comes in 3 convenient sizes or build a box of your own favourite goodies and then it’s delivered straight to your door!
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  • Chocolate
    Gift boxes for chocolate lovers but without that sugar! Milk, Dark, White, Mint, Orange, Nuts and more in these fabulous chocolate boxes! Just love dark? Just want milk chocolate? Then build your own box to meet the needs of a giftee who has certain preferences. Perfect!
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