Craving Sugar During Lockdown?

by Victoria Koopen

What is it with that?

In fact the whole panic buying thing that goes on at the mere hint of a community case is completely fascinating. Infuriating, but fascinating. Also is the sudden need to mass produce enough baked goods to feed a shearing shed full of hungry shearers. 

The panic buying/stockpiling is an understandable reaction to the heightened anxiety levels and fear of the future. It’s something we can have control over when there’s little else we can. These increased feelings of anxiety can also lead to emotional eating.

Craving Sugar During Lockdown

Lockdown Comfort Food to help avoid Covid Kilos.
(still opening at Alert Level 4)

Is your go-to for emotional eating broccoli and kale?  Not what I crave when hunkering down to episodes 1-10, season 4 of Game of Thrones. Of course not.

Eating sweet, tasty foods releases dopamine in our brains which then improves our mood and makes us happier right?  Well, maybe temporarily, as one of the side effects that might not make us so happy could be the increased weight gain caused by those excess calories.

There’s a whole lot more to be considered as well, when deciding to reach for the King Size Bar of (insert favourite sugar laden brand of chocolate here). Check out some of our other blog posts to get more info Sugar Free Foods – What are they and where do you get them? and Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics, and Is Sugar Free Candy, Sweets, Lollies a Real Thing?

Lockdown this time round for me – I intend to lose the Covid Kilos that I that quite possibly, (no let’s be honest, most definitely) compounded from the April 2020 lockdown.  But am I still going to have sweet comfort food!  Most definitely.  But I’m going to choose from the huge range of no and low carb products on offer.

Just want a pack of lollies to pick at during Game of Thrones? (or insert own favourite binge watch programme here). 

My Sugar Free - Craving Sugar During Lockdown?

Need chocolate to nibble on when watching old movie classics? 

Desperate to dunk a biscuit or cookie into a cup of tea while watching your favourite doccos?

Can’t fight the urge to bake up a storm?

Look no further than My Sugar Free to satisfy your sweet sugar craving – guilt free.

We’ve even got some fab, ready made boxes so you don’t even have to raise your eyes too much from those Bledisloe Cup reruns (oh, yeah, biggest winning margin ever!!!!) to order.

My Sugar Free - Craving Sugar During Lockdown

Check out the Gift Boxes for preselected boxes of goodies for yourself or a loved one you know will appreciate it comfort food when it’s needed most!

Kia Kaha Aotearoa – We’ve Got This!!

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