Lolly Treat Box
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Lolly Treat Box

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Give a friend, family member or yourself, the Lolly Treat Box.  Order once or subscribe monthly!

What will be in the box?

We will select tasty low and no sugar lolly treats. (About 5-6 products depending on the size and price - not including the lollipops!)  We will keep this monthly box exciting, surprising, scrumptious and most importantly low or no sugar!  The perfect gift!

How does it work?

Order once and you will receive the treats selected for that month.  

If you select to subscribe monthly, your first purchase will be charged immediately and your order sent out within 2 business days of placing your order.  On or near the 20th of each month following your first order, (see exception below), your credit card will be automatically charged and your treat box will be sent out within a few working days.

The exception to this is where you order within 15 days prior to the 20th of the month - then you will receive your first order within two working days. Your next order will be the month after.

You choose whether this is for you or whether you want to gift and send to a loved one.

Please note - box may contain different products to those shown in the image.  Picture is an indication only. Please see terms and conditions for more billing information.