Have You Considered Monthly Subscription?

by Victoria Koopen

Love the same treats to arrive every month?

Don’t want the hassle of having to go through the purchase process every time?

If you are a creature of habit who is happy with “same, same”, but hates having to input the same purchase information every time, then ordering on subscription might just be the option for you.

My Sugar Free offers you the ability to purchase the majority of its products by monthly recurring orders.

How ordering by monthly subscription could look...

  • You’ve fallen in love with one of our Ready Made Boxes and want it every month.
  • It's the perfect gift for friend following a keto diet - to have a box of keto friendly treats arrive on their doorstep regularly.
  • You want 10 bars of the same chocolate every month to keep you going till the next month's box arrives.
  • Your non tech-savvy mum/dad/grandma/grandad need your help to order them their sugar free sweets that they want to arrive every month.
  • You love all chocolate in all it's gloriousness and would love to get a surprise of a variety of chocolate each month with our Chocolate Treat Box.
  • You are an avid baker so need a regular supply of sugar alternatives without the hassle of sourcing them all yourself from the shops.

The beauty of ordering on subscription is that  you choose what you want to arrive each month.

You can pause or cancel your subscription (just see the T’s and C’s around timing - we may have already packed your order just as you want to cancel).

But every now and then you want a change from “same, same” - no worries, you can add, swap, delete products from your order (again just check the T’s and C’s as you may not be able to do this with the pre-made boxes).

We are rather flexible and if you have any troubles or questions what-so-ever please do not hesitate to ask - we are here to help and want you happy!

My Sugar Free - Subscription


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