Sugar Free Information

We will never pretend to be nutrition experts, so have provided the list of ingredients and the nutritional information panel for each product, so that you are armed with as much information about the contents of each product prior to purchasing.

The products sold by My Sugar Free contain sugar substitutes, such as stevia, sugar alcohols (polyols) and others. Below, we have also provided you with links to, possibly helpful websites, to help you in your search, should you need more information about sugar substitutes. My Sugar Free does not endorse any of these websites - they have been provided purely for your information only.  Please do your own research and seek medical/food nutrition advice or expertise where necessary.


  • Healthyfood: A good section with tips on how to negotiate truth from myth when researching on the internet. This article is from 2007 so some information may need updating.
  • Food-Info: A multiligual, non commercial site that provides background information about foods, food components, how foods are made, food ingredients, E-numbers and food safety.
  • Sugar and Sweetener Guide: A guide on all things sweetener.
  • Calorie Control: Sweetener Facts.
  • Polyols: - Information on Polyols (sugar alcohols).
  • Calorie Control: More information on Polyols (sugar alcohols).
  • Calorie Control: More information on sugar substitutes Control Council.
  • Family Doctor: Sugar substitutes.
  • Health: 10 Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes.
  • Webmd: Stevia and Sugar Substitutes.
  • Mayo Clinic: Possible health benefits and health concerns from artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes.
  • Everyday Health: Information on sugar alcohols and low calorie sweeteners.
  • Everyday Health: Information on stevia.
  • Maltitol Information