About us

The owner of My Sugar Free is a treat lover who was found to have high blood sugar and cholesterol a few years ago. Not wanting to give up the sweet treats, she began searching high and low at supermarkets and health food stores for alternatives with less or no sugar. It was discovered there weren’t many options, and that’s how My Sugar Free was born.

Whether you are diabetic, trying to lose weight, following a no-sugar regime or just trying to cut down on your sugar intake for general health reasons - you’ve arrived at the right place!

My Sugar Free aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your low or no sugar treats, then we conveniently deliver right to your door. We have carefully selected the most delicious lollies, chocolates, biscuits and snacks for you, and we’re constantly looking to extend our range and hope to tempt you with a guilt free indulgence.