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Looking to buy sweetener to replace sugar - look no further.  Check out our great range of sugar alternatives to add to baking, drinks etc. Stevia, Erythritol, Xylitol, Allulose, Fibre Syrups and more.  And the icing on the cake is that we even have powdered sweetener nz sourced!
44 products
Keto Sweetener 1kg
Icing Not Sugar 300g
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Fibre Syrup Maple 250ml
Erythritol 1kg
Golden Brown 700g
Liquid Stevia Cola 30ml
Allulose 300g
Liquid Stevia Vanilla 30ml
Liquid Stevia Pure 30ml
Stevia Organic Sweetener 350g
Classic Blend 1kg
Keto Sweetener 300g
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Allulose 700g
Stevia Organic Sachet Sticks 40s
Erythritol 300g
Fibre Syrup 250ml
Icing Not Sugar 1kg
Golden Brown 300g
Fibre Syrup 250ml Caramel
Liquid Stevia Chocolate 30ml
Monk Fruit Extract 40g
Monk Fruit Blend 500g
Classic Blend 300g
Premium Xylitol Blend 1kg
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Stevia Sweetener Powder Sachets 80g
Fibre Syrup Chocolate 250ml
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Allulose 1kg
Liquid Stevia Vanilla 100ml
Liquid Stevia Pure 100ml
Liquid Stevia Caramel 30ml
Monk Fruit Juice Powder 100g
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Stevia Sweetener Canister 300g
Premium Xylitol Blend 300g
Xylitol 1kg
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Allulose 400g
Monk Fruit Blend 250g
Liquid Stevia Banana 30ml
Liquid Stevia Lemon 30ml CLEARANCE
Sale price $7.50 Regular price $9.99 Save $2.49
Classic Blend 300g CLEARANCE
Sale price $10.50 Regular price $13.50 Save $3
Xylitol 300g CLEARANCE
Sale price $10.90 Regular price $13.90 Save $3
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